dialogue #24 ‘disruption’

The creative power of collage

Now, suddenly, it stands still. Finally, synthesized in the pictorial; after an intense struggle of forces; a process of brutally cutting the incorporated reality into pieces, while simultaneously creating a new, sort of irritating, spatial constellation. The collage is an actor in dynamic urban processes; a powerful source of ideas; a medium of radical abstraction; as well as an independent representational technique; creating moments of confusion and insecurity, where unexpected spaces of possibilities and intentions become reality. As an architect involved in practice and research in Switzerland, I am engaging with contemporary design methods and urban practices in Switzerland. More precisely, I am critically questioning the general attitude behind design decisions in order to investigate the system of values and cultural consensus of contemporary architectural and urban practices against the background of an increasing diversity of urban design solutions. 12.2017 Zürich


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Estranged  fragments  

The  transformation attempts to create another world within the corporate landscape of Wembley Park. How  could  you  create an  ‘otherworldliness’ by  isolating and manipulating  existing fragments  of  the site?

The  existing 6.5m-high light towers are  strange elements of this landscape. These can be  made stranger by  playing with their relation to both the  inserted carpet as well as their existing context. The urban carpet is placed on  the site, turning at an edge to create a wall; a visual barrier to accentuate the iconic arch of Wembley Stadium.

The carpet can attempt to isolate the  object  as if it were an excavated fragment from a bygone era, or play with  the  object itself in relation to the arch in order to estrange its familiar perspective akin to the choreographed assemblages of Fischli  and  Weiss.

The  material was  produced  26/04/2018_Rotterdam
Tone: playful/inquisitive

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