dialogue #06 ‘persuasion’


– or how to use pursuasion in the public space. To promote images that seem to depict a better reality or world than real life, mostly done on all kinds of materials, on objects or buildings. As I choose my own moments and cropping in photography, I create a subjective approach on image making. The same tools are used in promoting architectural projects: when a soon to be build housing estate or a public building is announced trough a billboard or a wooden wall around the construction site. We see images of an almost utopian atmosphere where the renderings of the finished project look ‘totally awesome’. The end result can only disappoint.

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‘Intentions’ is a score that consists of a set of slogans promoting the real estate newest yewelleries on the market of Zurich and London. Each slogan is devided by three blanks.

My research began by analizing the offers of major real estate businesses in Zurich and London. It’s use of language astonished me. My interest goes for the exact moment when these businesses need or want to transform their visions and ideas into language. What kind of meaning do they translate?
From reading it I expected a diverse use of language regarding the difference of these two countries and also regarding the different borrows in which they’re selling properties. None of the two was the case. Instead, I thought to have discovered a generic and neutral language that is applicable in every circumstance. Repetition over and over transforming the diverse possible meanings into something that resembles an ancountable noun where the words begin to loose their linguistical properties.

Of such completeness that I dare say: “the word means nothing more than the sound it makes!”

Playing instructions: it is wished that musician take the feeling generated by the lyrics of the piece as a starting point to develop their interpretation.



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