dialogue #05 ‘shadow of the icon’

'shadow of the icon'

The politics of laying a carpet

Realizing any act of transformation necessarily implies an aligning of interests, where the various agendas of those involved are respected and challenged. In this case, an urban carpet is diagrammatically envisaged within the fly-over view of a new development that will soon be constructed by property company Quintain in Wembley Park, London. The carpet challenges the corporate aesthetic of public spaces living in the shadow of the iconic Wembley Stadium, whilst attempting to bring a softness to the area based on the intricacy, delicacy and intensity of a Persian carpet. The project will be developed over the course of the dialogues and addresses the neglect of the ground surface during the modernist period, whilst attempting to rethink public space within a time of global, neo-liberal construction.

Tone: Critical but acknowledging the flaws of society and trying to work with systems to make things better, rather than against them.

25.01.2018 Rotterdam

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Comic make sense

The project aims to add context and personality to architectural visualizations. Paying attention to the human basic needs.  By giving the characters the voice in the form of a speech bubble the person gets its own identity. Creating awareness that people should be the subject, not an object when communicating architectural projects. In spite of adopting a cartoon style, the visualization evokes viewers empathy and brings them closer to the simulated concept. Instead of using people as decoration I want to give them a role. The architect is able to directly address the audience. However the dialogues should not forcibly and unnaturally refer to the surrounding space. It’s role is to enhance a distinctive character of the place and to communicate a vivid impression of the reality. This way it is easier for the audience to identify themselves with the context of the simulated transformation. The architect, on the other hand, receives more tools of communication.

03.2018 Rotterdam

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