Dialogue 05 Commemorative architecture

What kind of spaces do our society create? The mechanics of a new perception of a better society communicated through design. Politics of space, and trying to understand how everyday conditions enforce and reinforce power relations.


In several cities in the Netherlands, city authorities have been actively investing in so-called ‘breeding grounds’ whereby the city provides affordable work space for creative groups. Through the breeding places policy, city authorities aim to work with the local subcultural scene in order to create an attractive climate for creative groups. Corporations, commercial developers and […]

by Josh Stevenson

The city on the podium

The Barbican is perhaps the pinnacle of the mechanics of a new perception of society communicated through the design of council housing in Britain. It grew out of a post-war moment of humanitarian thinking that the ‘human’ should be placed above the ‘machinic’ (the car and the tube). Therefore, architecture and planning should channel development […]

by Ioanna Piniara

Heritage in transition

The prison La Modelo was built in 1904, at that time outside the city of Barcelona. La Modelo (“The Model”) was born to be the prototype for the new Spanish penitentiary system. It was built following the panopticon control system devised by the social theorist Jeremy Bentham and that allowed to control a large building […]

by Eulàlia Martin

The politics of laying a carpet

First part Realizing any act of transformation necessarily implies an aligning of interests, where the various agendas of those involved are respected and challenged. In this case, an urban carpet is diagrammatically envisaged within the fly-over view of a new development that will soon be constructed by property company Quintain in Wembley Park, London. The carpet […]

by Jazmin Charalambous

Let it be known

– history repeating   I once dreamt of skyscrapers. There was no city for them to dwel upon. There was no soil to support their height. Like in one of the sequences from Philippe de Broca’s movie L’Homme de Rio, where Jean Paul Belmondo runs through Brazilia being built, the feeling of being anywhere and everywhere prevails. And so it began… […]

by Pavle Stamenovic