dialogue #19 ‘to own’

Almost never out of Big b

“you are free to take-home and -away / whatever you want / we are just showing / sum of our cards / how they live is their business / we own ours / i tipped .50 today / all are welcome in our company / thank you for your patronage / actually take it any way / work hard and try dying / i’m loving it / come again, please / : ) / merriam-webster.com/dictionary/exeunt”, word processor counted 101.


– – –


Prof.dr. Alberta (Quenell, KD), at his desk in room GH21.3, referring to the correlation between material wealth and urbanization, conjectures: “business, in a large sense, seems to dictate much of our everyday lives, even the need to inform the ones affected by spacial transformations within what used to be called neighborhoods. The author creates a pseudo-scene filled with a hotchpotch of colloquial clichés, perhaps to infer a basic pattern or to show that not much will change after all when it comes to peoples livelihoods, except the shape of the place where this manifests, so as to simulate an obvious reality for some, elusive for others. In any case a reality which perpetuates itself by its actors. Even the stake-holders executing their ideas. The potential is thus in most cases brought forth by the actual.”

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