Dialogue 04 Architectural scripts

This is a group of tools or 'zero degree' of architecture, limited to facts and figures. These tools can be understood as a language that lacks of meaning outside itself. It reveals how use - form and social values relate. They can range from simple quantitative tools, storing information methods through material signs to projective tools that manipulate reality. What is the relationship between the (digital) design methods and the current building practice? How do architectural design practice and education relate to the materiality of real practice?

The context of intention

  A context is the situation in which some ‘thing’ exists or happens. Once physical objects or environments are in contact with social media, we have the tendency to start looking at the affects of this on the actual ‘physical’ object. We seem to enjoy the influence of social media and representations on the Internet, […]

by Delany Boutkan


Spreadsheets are zero degree forms of Architecture. In contemporary practice they rule time, shape, matter and hence, space. Spreadsheets are a representation of Architecture reduced to quantitative efficiency. They lack values which go beyond the rational. Spreadsheets are therefore not neutral. In their background lies always a political, economical or social question to answer. Spreadsheets […]

by Carla Ferrer + Marco Jacomella

Adjacent to the world – like ours

Lumion is a rendering package that is accessible, fast and easy to use, becoming commonplace in many architecture, urbanism and landscape offices for its speed and simplicity as a means of communicating design proposals though stills, 360° panoramas and animation. Where many views of potential futures are collaged using rendered scenes with images from a plethora […]

by Josh Stevenson

Abstraction as a tool

Abstraction can be understood as a tool that helps to simplify the complexity of what exists and to generate an intentional proposal for a possible urban transformation. The representation is where the abstraction take place. This sequence of drawings exposes a set of representations of the city of Barcelona, showing different types of abstraction that […]

by Maite Moreno

The creative power of collage

Now, suddenly, it stands still. Finally, synthesized in the pictorial; after an intense struggle of forces; a process of brutally cutting the incorporated reality into pieces, while simultaneously creating a new, sort of irritating, spatial constellation. The collage is an actor in dynamic urban processes; a powerful source of ideas; a medium of radical abstraction; […]

by Anne Mikoleit


With the help of a map, one gets orientation and can define its own position within its surrounding and (urban) landscape. Before digitalization, schools used big maps (being an printed object) to show kids in an overall view where they are living within the world and what the neighbors are (beside also forming a nationalistic identity). […]

by Henrik Hentschel

Housing cooperative

Construction site of a new housing cooperative in Zürich, Switzerland. A rather abstract way of communicating what is to come by a young Swiss architectural company – even hard to understand for architects. There is a shortage of affordable housing in Zürich and it might take years being on a waiting list to become a member of a housing […]

by Hannes Rutenfranz