Dialogue 02 Replicas

The use of this semi-utilitarian infrastructure doesn't question the ongoing transformation behind. It rather acts as an scenographic ornament within the city with a strong iconic meaning. There is an obsession with detail and over-abundant decoration. It substitutes and hides, for a period of time, the original object that it copies in scale 1:1.  


by rr


by rr

Freezing streetscapes

Freezing streetscapes A scaffolding hides the renovation works of a building in Pg. De Gràcia. one of the most representative avenues of the city. The protection fabric works as a strategic mask:  By hiding the construction works which disturb the preservation of the urbanscapes. By  simulating a non-transformation, freezing the image of the street. By […]

by Eulàlia Martin


Intention vs simulation: a subtle confrontation Finding an effective way to announce a new project is not an easy task: renderings, plans and mock-ups can be sometimes too abstract to be visualized into the concrete reality of the context. The public announcement can be even trickier in case of renovation projects: How to reassume the […]

by Elettra Carnelli


We find an interesting paradox in these temporary infrastructures, that are used for the renovation processes of facades. The wrap covering the facade is used to shield the construction site, and at the same time, to express the content or intentions behind. The literal representation of the future (but yet) original facade ensures passers-by that […]

by rr


We humans love context in a context. Layer versus layer? Using large format printing to camouflage a temporary construction area, the museum Belvedere in Vienna likes to mock oneself, is humor involved or is it creating a silent fake replica of the original?

by Frank Hanswijk