dialogue #11 ‘reassemblage of layers

Making space


Our bodies, consisting of an inside and outside are the vehicles through which we experience the static spaces of architecture. How might these fixed structures be transformed? My aim is to explore the mechanism of creating space within which to imagine movement. A photograph, like architecture is a fixed structure, a fixed moment. For this first act I am cutting into images opening them up and revealing the layers that can be pulled apart and reassembled to create new spaces in which to move, altering our perception of how bodies and spaces interact. If in emptiness – a vast landscape –   movement – the essence of humanness – is possible, what becomes of us in the urban environment? What movement is exposed, hidden or excentuated?

“Only in emptiness lay the truly essential. The reality of the room, for instance, was to be found in the vacant space enclosed by the roof and walls not in the roof and walls themselves […] Emptiness is all potent because all containing. In emptiness alone motion becomes possible”

The Space Within – Philosopher Lao Tzu

20.01.2018 London

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Order + Entropy

The mechanics adopted to communicate potential future realities frequently recur to idealist representations which justify a new form of order and control upon the space. This approach is fraudulent, being that it neglects the flux inherent to anthropic activity. Alternatively to depicting a broad urban space where transformations are catalyzed by myriad factors gradually, we propose to scale down the focus into a contained domestic space also in permanent transformation: a bed. By doing so, we unveil the true vectors of change within the urban realm, which in an unforeseeable way, establish organic hierarchies within the space: movement and time.

01.2018 Gràcia, Barcelona

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