Dialogue 08 Accidental Aesthetics

Within construction procedures, we fnd poetry within the unplanned and the unintded; compositions of colour, rythm and light within the organisation of materials, awaiting their assemblage.


by rr

Imagine the volume

An aluminum structure is used to outline the (edges of) the volumetric appearance of future urban developments, simulating them on site on a scale 1:1. Almost an invisible indication within the present context, that requires ‘action’ or active attention of the passers-by to imagine the volumetric (and architectural/detailed) infill within this framework and its potential […]

by rr

Pop-up Monument for Mobility

Daily seen at the speed of public transport in Zurich, no remnants of any temple – of course -, no ruin to feed any soul keen to romanticism. Rather a manifestation of the postindustrial condition, showcasing the still ongoing transition from the industry- to the information-based economy and society. The plot, a former parking lot […]

by Maro Tsagka