Hannes Rutenfranz

Hannes Rutenfranz (Ostfildern 1980, based in Zürich) is an architect graduated from the ETH Zürich in 2009, engaged in teaching, research and architectural design. He is employed as research/teaching assistant at the ETH Zürich.

Housing cooperative in: dialogue #07 ‘interpreting representation’

Pavle Stamenovic

Pavle Stamenovic (Belgrade, 1981.) PhD, dipl.ing.arch. is an architect engaged in teaching, architectural design and research. Graduated from Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade University (AFUB) in 2007. Employed at AFUB as assistant professor. Engaged in research in the field of methodology of architectural design process. Holds a PhD at AFUB. In practise, with Raster Collective, he focuses on conceptual architectural design through numerous competition projects with notable successes to date, whilst engaging in research through more experimental projects, exhibitions and workshops. Tutored a number of international architecture workshops. stamenovic.tumblr) + www.rasterbiro.com

The problem of duration: Archeology of everything in: dialogue #24
Let it be known in: dialogue #18 ‘intentions through time’
Let it be known in: dialogue #17 ‘big visions’
Let it be known in: dialogue #08 ‘into glory we ride’


Laura Bonell and Daniel López-Dòriga founded the architecture studio Bonell+Dòriga in 2014 in Barcelona, where they work in projects at various scales: from small private commissions to public competitions. In parallel, they write papers on architecture and on 2016 they started the platform “A Series of Rooms” as a multidisciplinary research on domestic architecture.  bonelldoriga

A thousand tries in: dialogue #03 ‘grid versus use’
A thousand tries in: dialogue #02 ‘time as a shaper’
A thousand tries in: dialogue #01 ‘movement and time: vectors for change’

Ana Buljan

Ana Buljan, 1978, Visual Artist. Born in Yugoslavia. Educated at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb ( MA Italian Language and Literature). Now attending the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. Works also as a freelance  Production Designer, Scenographer in the Film Industry. anabuljan.com

1e Middellandstraat I in: dialogue #03 ‘grid versus use’

Jazmin Charalambous

is a student of architecture from London. She completed her Bachelor studies at Glasgow School of Art, and is now graduating from the Masters programme at TU Delft, where she is currently investigating how to apply techniques of theatre into public urban spaces. Between her studies she worked at vPPR Architects, London and Omer Arbel Office, Vancouver.

Estranged  fragments   in: dialogue #26 ‘isolated objects’
The politics of laying a carpet in: dialogue #23 – ‘shared vision’
The politics of laying a carpet in: dialogue #04 ‘visions and flaws of society’

Frank Hanswijk

Photographer Frank Hanswijk (1971) makes (city)landscapes and portraits. His work focuses on the link between humans and location. Sometimes intimate and sometimes with distance, his images give a sense of astonishment as wel as familiarity. www.frankhanswijk.nl

‘Bannerism’ in: dialogue #16 ‘an other reality’
‘Bannerism’ in: dialogue #08 ‘into glory we ride’
‘Bannerism’ in: dialogue #07 ‘interpreting representation’
‘Bannerism’ in: dialogue #06 ‘persuasion’

Henrik Hentschel

Born 1978 in Leipzig, living in Zürich since 2008. Studies of Media and Fine Art in Weimar, Tampere and Zürich. Main focus in political and social changes in the media of analogue Photography. henrik-hentschel.de

Maps in: dialogue #10 ‘dissecting reality’
Maps in: dialogue #09 ‘plane landscapes’

Emma Hoette

I might be best described as a storyteller. With my body, movement, choreography, performance, design, clothing, film and installation overlapping in many different combinations I create a language. A language that I can use to tell the stories I see in the world around me. www.emmahoette.com

Making space in: dialogue #11 ‘reassemblage of layers

Ramon Landolt

Ramon Landolt (20.08.1985) is a Zurich based musician who started playing the piano at the age of five. As early as 1990 improvisation started to be a companionship to his daily discovery - and persists until now. Ramon works in the fields of electronical- and acoustical music. Master of Arts in Jazzpiano, Master of Arts in Pedagogy, Private Studies with Earl Howard (USA), Phil Markovitz (USA) and many more. Programme Leader BA (Hons) Music at WIAM (Winterthurer Institut für aktuelle Musik) since 2015. Bands: Trio Heinz Herbert, Svovse/Landolt Duo, Fuckintosh vs TomRamon (mit Fa Ventilato USA), TomRamon Solo (Piano/Synth/Live-Sampling). trio-heinz-herbert

Intentions in: dialogue #13 ‘poetry of conjectures’
Intentions in: dialogue #12 ‘the tongues of market’
Intentions in: dialogue #06 ‘persuasion’

Eulàlia Martin

Born on 1984, studied Architecture at ETSAV (Sant Cugat del Valles) and worked at several architecture studios in Spain and Germany. She is actually a freelance architect based in Barcelona, between several collaborations her research is focused on heritage and the meanwhile of lost architectures.

Heritage in transition in: dialogue #20 ‘what remains’
Heritage in transition in: dialogue #14 ‘future/past’

Anne Mikoleit

Anne Mikoleit (MSc ETH Arch) studied architecture and urban design at ETH Zurich, ENSA de Lille and TU Dresden. In 2015 she co-founded Knorr & Pürckhauer Architekten, a young Zurich-based architectural office. Next to her reflective architectonic practice she is teaching and conducting urban research at ETH Zurich since 2010, currently finalizing her dissertation about contemporary urban practices in the Zurich Agglomeration.

The creative power of collage in: dialogue #28 ‘abstraction of values’
The creative power of collage in: dialogue #10 ‘dissecting reality’

Maite Moreno

Maite Moreno is an architect from Barcelona. She was living in Santiago de Chile for several years where she worked in urban planning projects and residential buildings. She is currently studying a master’s degree in Citizen and Human Rights: ethics and politics at the Universitat de Barcelona.

Abstraction as a tool in: dialogue #15 ‘sequence of abstractions’

Piet Nieder

Piet Nieder, MSc ETH Arch, *1980, studied architecture at TU Dresden and ETH Zurich. He worked as an architect for Edouard Francois, SAM, Sunder-Plassmann and – most recently - Robertneun. From 2012-2013 he thought architectural design at EiABC in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. In 2016 he launched his own architectural firm in Berlin. https://www.pietnieder.de

Bricks in: dialogue #14 ‘future/past’

Stich & Oswald + Dominique Jehle

Hannes Oswald and Sebastian Stich founded their office Stich & Oswald in 2012 after studying together. The office is currently constructing and planning projects of different sizes. At the same time, the ETH architects are active in teaching and research. Parallel to architecture, they work on projects in design, acoustics and scenography. http://www.stichundoswald.ch Dominique Jehle, visual artist. She lives and works in Basel. http://dominiquejehle.ch

47.372604 8.532485 in: dialogue #15 ‘sequence of abstractions’

Ioanna Piniara

Ioanna Piniara is greek architect and researcher of the architectural and urban condition in the neoliberal context. She is currently a validated PhD candidate on the PhD in Architectural Design programme at the Architectural Association, London. Her thesis is a critique of the policies of privatization that have shaped the housing market in the last four decades.

A podium to nowhere in: dialogue #25
The city on the podium in: dialogue #17 ‘big visions’
The city on the podium in: dialogue #04 ‘visions and flaws of society’

Anna Sala Giralt

Anna Sala Giralt is an architect and a researcher based in Barcelona. She is a PhD candidate at Barcelona School of Architecture - UPC, where she graduated from in 2012 and obtained her Masters Degree in Advanced Studies in Architecture one year later. Her thesis focuses on how the city’s urban space reacts when extraordinary events take place. Since 2014 she has collaborated with the Mies van der Rohe Foundation as assistant curator. She combines her professional and research practice with education field, teaching contemporary architecture at Barcelona Architecture Centre since 2015.

Timeless condition in: dialogue #18 ‘intentions through time’
Timeless condition in: dialogue #02 ‘time as a shaper’

Josh Stevenson

Josh Stevenson studied at Bartlett School of Architecture London, before working in a variety of studios in London and Rotterdam, on projects ranging from architecture, urbanism and landscape to furniture design. He is currently completing his studies at the Technical University Delft, Faculty of Architecture.

Adjacent to the world – like ours in: dialogue #27
‘Broedplaats’ in: dialogue #23 – ‘shared vision’
Adjacent to the world – like ours in: dialogue #16 ‘an other reality’
Adjacent to the world – like ours in: dialogue #09 ‘plane landscapes’

Oskar van Eeden

In international business since 1984: hands-on due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, most things legalese, tax planning, (fin)tech and day-to-day startup operations. Further occupations: to read, write and cycle. Firm motto #5: The rates are high because the lance is free / the stakes are high and the job takes doing / for every word should be backed up by experience / last words before the charge: debit or credit?

Almost never out of Big b in: dialogue #19 ‘to own’
Almost never out of Big b in: dialogue #13 ‘poetry of conjectures’

Ravian van den Hil

What is Architecture in relation to the performative arts? And what are the similarity between this two disciplines? Two questions that intrigue me besides my other work within the international performing arts field.

Thoughts on site in: dialogue #24

Rosa Maria de los Heros + Manuel Julià

Rosa Maria de los Heros: Film Photographer & Artist. Rosa Maria de los Heros is an artist and entrepreneur. She started her career after studying at NYU, focusing on experimental-film photography and painting. Rosa Maria is interested in curating sensations through abstract film-photographs and collages. Her work has been exhibited in NYC, Paris, Lima, Panamá and Barcelona. www.rosamariadelosheros.com) Manuel Julià: Architect at JAAS. Associate Professor at UPC for Department of Urban Planning & Design DUOT. Manuel Julià is an architect, researcher and professor at UPC for Urban Planning & Design. He worked at the practices of Espinàs+Tarrasó, Carles Muro and David Chipperfield before joining JAAS as an Associate Architect in 2013. www.jaas.cat

The Success of Failure in: dialogue #25
Order + Entropy in: dialogue #11 ‘reassemblage of layers
Order + Entropy in: dialogue #01 ‘movement and time: vectors for change’

almost Modern

almost Modern is the graphic design studio of Jorn de Vries. “The pure poetry - of a beautiful view - on a clear day.” Romance, language and printed matter, combined with clear forms and a straight forward way of problem solving. www.almostmodern.com

Lovers carvings in: dialogue #20 ‘what remains’

Michiel Huijben

Michiel Huijben reads, writes and speaks about architecture. Perhaps his talks are a way for him to intervene in the seemingly rigid and unchangeable architecture of his immediate environment. Michiel studied at the St. Joost academy in Breda and the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, where he finished in 2008. In 2013, he did a short track residency at De Ateliers in Amsterdam, followed by an MA in architectural history & theory at the Cass, London. Shortly afterward, he started the publishing project Flat i. (welcometoflat-i.net) In the past couple of years his works have been presented at Enough Room for Space HQ (Brussels), Matt’s Gallery (London), SSBA Salon (Amsterdam), min- (Rotterdam), Extra City (Antwerp) and de Fabriek (Eindhoven), among other places. He lives and works in Brussels and Rotterdam. http://www.michielhuijben.nl

A way to imagine the world in: dialogue #19 ‘to own’
A way to imagine the world in: dialogue #12 ‘the tongues of market’

Carla Ferrer + Marco Jacomella

Carla Ferrer and Marco Jacomella are founding partners of ITER, a studio for Housing and Urban Design based in Milan. Carla holds a Master Degree in Urbanism, Landscape and Ecology from Harvard GSD and a Master Degree in Architecture from UPC ETSAB. Marco holds a MAS in Housing from ETH Zurich, is a registered Architect from FAF Ferrara and currently a PhD candidate at the Politecnico of Milan. After working and living in Switzerland, Denmark, United States, China and Spain, Carla and Marco are now based in Milan, where ITER works on the threshold between urban and domestic, developing - among others- projects on Urban Mapping and cooperative housing. iterstudio.it

Excel in: dialogue #28 ‘abstraction of values’

Maro Tsagka

Maro Tsagka holds a Diploma in Architecture from the UTH in Greece (2012) and a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Urban Design from the ETH in Zurich (2016). She has worked as assistant set designer in theatrical productions in Greece, Germany and France. As an architect and urban designer, she has collaborated with architecture offices in Athens, Aarau and Zurich.

Pop-up Monument for Mobility in: dialogue #26 ‘isolated objects’

Delany Boutkan

While completing my MA Design Curating & Writing at Design Academy Eindhoven, I became interested in how the circulation of representations through social media affect the ways today’s museums collect and display design objects. This subject, I'm currently exploring further through curating and writing formats.

The Space of (Re)Presentation in: dialogue #27