The picture I took shows the building that was home to the bar called «Bundeshaus» in Zurich till November 28th, 2017. A space that has been a spot for happenings such as contemporary music series, game nights and of course the regular drinking. Contracts drained. Then, interim use which ended along with a music festival organized by a well known Zurich music label.

This work shows in one way the rich possibilities that appear within the uncertain time between contractual end and the start of transformation but also shows its often harsh lost for neighborhoods, organizations and individuals.

So, the recorded music from the Bundeshaus’ last Festival has been processed with an image synth program that let the pixels of the image alter the recorded music. It’s outcome is often unpredictable, although pitch, amplitude and time which could be within architectural language translated to form, volume and intention are strictly bound to the images parameters. The picture of former “Bundeshaus” in transformation alters its recorded (audio) context to such an abstract level compared to its original that it starts to loose it original properties.

Material: Photo, sound-recordings of Trio Heinz Herbert playing at “Bundeshaus”, image/sound processing software