“Rotate and change the perspective”

rr dialogues is the interactive research platform of architecture collective rotative research (Alexandra Sonnemans & Caterina Viguera).

The platform exists in parallel to our work practice, with the aim to expand and exchange knowledge on a variety of architectural topics.

We invite other voices from various disciplines, based in different cities, to infuse our dialogues with their specialist expertise and personal approach.

Every dialogue is a round table with the specific topic in the center and the discussion partners around. All dialogues are simultaneously ongoing.

Dialogues have different forms and intensities. We experiment with how we relate and display the developing content.

We materialize the knowledge that emerges from the dialogues into the practice of rotative research, as a duo or in collaboration with the discussion partners. You can find and join the ongoing dialogues on this website.

>>> During 2019, rr-dialogues is ‘in residency’ at Kulturfolger, Zürich. Keep an eye on the website for specific dates and events!.


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