rr ‘in dialogue’

rr (rotative research) is an architectural practice, founded in November 2016 by architects Alexandra Sonnemans and Caterina Viguera (based respectively in Rotterdam and Zürich). We work on architectural commissions and self-initiated projects, that include both architecture and research.

In 2017, rr has started the research project rr-dialogues dedicated to experimental architecture and architectural research. In April 2018 we launched www.rr-dialogues.org, an interactive website that simulates a round table, where we invite architects, artists and experts in related fields to expand and exchange knowledge, open up new perspectives and combine theoretical, artistic and empirical research, in different cities simultaneously.

In addition to the web, rr-dialogues is in residency during the entire year of 2019 at Kulturfolger. We will use this year to perform – study – implement the research ON SITE: outside in the public space and inside the space of Kulturfolger.


“Rotate and change the perspective”



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