rr-dialogues is an international urban research project and an experiment in methodology.

The project started as a weekly conversation between architects Alexandra Sonnemans and Caterina Viguera, founders of rotative research, in November 2016.  The fact that we work together but live in different cities (Rotterdam and Zürich) has become an advantage, rather than a limitation: the privilege to be immersed in two cities simultaneously, from which we could learn at the same time.

Our conversation started by sending each other pictures and short paragraphs based on one of our fascinations: the process of urban transformation and the parallels and paradoxes as a part of that process.

We have titled this topic 'Urban transformation as event'. Within this topic, we are exploring 'Simultaneity in cities; an interchangeable and irreversible built environment' and 'The reversible relationship between intention and result'.

In November 2017 we decided to expand the conversation by inviting other voices from various disciplines, based in different cities throughout Europe.


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