Thoughts on site

I am in Taipei at the moment and visited the building site of the Taipei Performing Art Centre, a design made by OMA and building started around five years ago. According to my brief research the design is of course much older than that and they have had massive problems with the construction and the whole project is behind planning but they are optimistic and aiming for a opening on the 4th of February 2019.

In the pictures that I included you can see the current state of the building (2 and 3) but more interesting are the renderings and suggestions of the projects in the images (1 – 6). They show signs of time as they have become faded images. Faded dreams and suggestions of a future to come. Weather and time have played there role on them and what remains is nothing more than form as you can see in image 5… two squares and a circle. This leads me to thoughts about duration; what is the meaning of duration in architecture and in building?

In performance I can say that duration is a important element… the duration of a piece but also the duration of the gaze, the action or just simply the walk around the space. And how do you implement the thought of the contemporary in a project and how can it overcome the sign of the time. When building and design is such a slow process?