Welcome to rr dialogues!


An interactive research project on the relationship between intention and result

within the process of urban transformation that constantly reshapes our cities.


Each dialogue is shown in a split screen, allowing the content of one reaction to complement or contradict another one.

By establishing these relations we can better connect approaches and content and therefore,

create new perspectives on the way we look at our reality.


You are invited to start using and rotating the slide of the interactive index to explore the dialogues!

Act I

Act II

performing Act I

Editorial note:
movement and time: vectors for change

time as a shaper

grid versus use

visions and flaws of society

shadow of the icon


interpreting representation

into glory we ride

plane landscapes

dissecting reality

motion and layers

reassemblage of layers

the tongues of market

poetry of conjectures


sequence of abstractions

a hand full of lines

anticipation as intention

an other reality

big visions

intentions through time

to own

what remains


substitution of reality, intentions in real scale