Welcome to rr dialogues!

rr-dialogues is an ongoing experiment in the methodology of interdisciplinary urban research.

The website is based on an interactive, rotating index that simulates a round table with all the dialogues. The dialogues are shown in split screens.

Select a round and start rotating the slide of the interactive index to explore the dialogues. To read a selected dialogue, click on the number in the center of the circle. In the menu on the left, you can navigate between different stages of the research.

Read more about the project topic and methodology in ‘About & Contact’.

Present an object for simultaneous collective experience, as it was possible for architecture at all times. Paul Virilio:War and cinema: the logistics of perception

round I

round II

'deconstructing the brief'

substitution of reality, intentions in real scale

'movement and time: vectors for change'

'time as a shaper'

'grid versus use'

visions and flaws of society

shadow of the icon

interpreting representation

into glory we ride

plane landscapes

dissecting reality

motion and layers

reassemblage of layers

the tongues of market

poetry of conjectures

sequence of abstractions

an other reality

intentions through time

what remains